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I am amazed when I think that I have been on this journey here in Nicaragua for over 6 years. In that time I have had many opportunities to share love, hope and faith to numerous folks in dozens of different ways. Again this musing is not to focus on me or accomplishments. They never … Continue reading

Our Shared Hope

I hope everyone has or is having the most wonderful of Christmases. This time of year we always take a moment to take stock and review what’s gone on the previous year. I could tell you about the over 5 tons of rice that has been distributed. You might want to hear about the thousands … Continue reading


The biggest curiosity I have found in living here in Nicaragua is the difference between people from the exact same circumstances and culture yet have diametrically opposed viewpoints on life. Some folks do what most of us would do in a similar situation and give the same deck of cards, so to speak. These are … Continue reading

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