Our Shared Hope

I hope everyone has or is having the most wonderful of Christmases. This time of year we always take a moment to take stock and review what’s gone on the previous year.

I could tell you about the over 5 tons of rice that has been distributed. You might want to hear about the thousands of people who have been fed. I could brag about the different services we have been able to deliver. The hundreds of students who were taught.  But I want to take this time and talk about the future.

I came across an interesting statistic this week that astounded me. As I look around the streets of Granada, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this stat, however, I guess I never really thought about it. 30% of all Nicaraguans are under the age of 15. That compares to around 22% in the US. Our median age is 24 years old compared to 38.5 in the States.

What does all that mean?

Simply put there is hope in Nicaragua, in spite of the poverty, in spite of the negative news one might hear, in spite of all that we could complain about, hope springs from the youth of this country.

That is why we do what we do here.

We are here to prepare a cadre of amazing children to reach heights not dreamed of by their parents. The benefit of this work may not be seen by everyone reading this blog. But these are  essential, far-reaching, and generational labors of love.

That’s why, with your encouragement and continued prayers we are all making a difference together.

So until God calls me home, I will continue to teach the kids of Nicaragua. We continue to strive to give them opportunities. We will continue to spread the faith, hope, and love we were commissioned to spread one person at a time. Then …. We will find Uno Más.

I hope you have a great holiday filled with all the joy this season can provide.

Dios los bendiga