The blog is back!

If you are reading this, the. I don’t have to tell you that our blog site is back up and running.

I have missed sharing some of these missives with you. But now we have been assured that the technical difficulties are over and we can confidently move forward with the weekly musings.

Granada itself has been challenged over the past few months as well. COVID seems to have come in for another wave. Our dear pastor friend, Guillermo, had the disease and seems to have recovered. He lives in a small house with anywhere from 8-15 people under his roof. We are watching that situation closely to assure none of the others contract the virus.

As some of you are aware, I was ambushed in one of the barrios and lost my 4 front teeth. Thanks to our dentist friends I am fully recovered with permanent replacements functioning well.

I share all of this not to make you feel sorrow or concern. Rather I want you to know that no matter what the circumstances we all still march on. The resilience of our brothers and sisters here is amazing. 

Our work continues, feeding programs and classes are going strong. Lots of alcohol gel and seats distanced safely apart. The baseball team class that we just started a week ago is amazing. It will be an after school program with tutoring, English classes, and of course, baseball. The kids are eager to learn and are very competitive. I’ll tell you more about them and show some videos in another blog.

Right now I just wanted to tell you all that we are well. It might seem a bit gray outside but in Nicaragua the sun always shines sometime during the day. That’s how it is in our lives as well. No matter the issue at hand, no matter how dark the future seems, we can always see the Son.

I love you all dearly. 

Dios los bendiga